Nova Biomedical is a Biomedical Engineering Company providing planned maintenance, specialist testing and repair services for the healthcare industry. With over 25 years’ experience, Nova Biomedical’s reputation as a trusted service provider has been achieved by unsurpassable adherence to the relevant standards required by all medical industries. This is why we are quality certified to ISO9001:2008. Nova Biomedical was established with the vision to provide medical facilities with the highest standard of service unmatched by others, and confidence in knowing their medical equipment is in experienced hands.

Nova Biomedical’s extensive experience in the Biomedical Engineering field gives us a significant advantage over other companies. We have worked with some of the largest organizations in the world, in some of the most remote locations in the world.

Our contracting work has seen us travel to some extremely hostile and challenging environments, including East Timor and the Solomon Islands, alongside the Australian Defence Force. We have been responsible for maintaining equipment used in Mosul (Iraq), Ebola Clinics in West Africa, Solomon Islands, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Manus Island and Singapore. We’ve provided healthcare solutions for Defence, Mining & Resources, Oil & Gas, Government & Humanitarian sectors. We have travelled throughout APAC to provide servicing on defence Vessels wherever they land.

The diverse experience of our highly skilled engineers and our innovative approach to finding solutions for our customers across broad modalities make Nova Biomedical a leader in our field.


One of the many things that we believe sets us apart from others is the team that we have built spanning multiple Engineering principles including Electrical, Biomedical, Mechanical and Software. By having specialists in each of these fields we are able to provide a unique and efficient solution to many of the issues faced in the field. Our extensive field service experience throughout the region gives us the insight required to ensure jobs are completed with efficiency and precision. Having the opportunity to work in diverse locations across various modalities has compelled our service team to become adaptive to any situation without being deterred by setbacks that may occur when in an unfamiliar environment. Engineering teams can be extremely efficient when in the comfort of a familiar or controlled environment, however, situations outside of this can pose new challenges and expectations. At Nova Biomedical, we understand not every job is going to be the same no matter how much you prepare, and so this is where our experience sets us apart.

I had the opportunity to work with Joe and Luke from Nova Biomedical throughout the monitoring deployment during the New Royal Adelaide Hospital commissioning in 2017. Their knowledge, work ethic and positive attitude towards the substantial task of configuring, deploying and installing around 500 monitors and associated equipment made them a pleasure to work with, and meant we could comfortably achieve the installation goal well within the time frame. I look forward to working with them again, if ever the opportunity arises.

Paul Colquhoun, South Australia Biomedical Engineering

We had the pleasure of Nova Biomedical supplying Biomedical Engineers onsite. The Nova Biomedical staff went the extra mile to ensure the smooth rollout of our system. They did whatever was needed to ensure potential issues were solved before they become problems. They had an obvious understanding of the System and its Networking which they used to solve issues and feedback information to ourselves. For the part of the installation they were involved with, their attention to detail meant it was consistent and logical.

Nova Biomedical staff have an in-depth understanding of the system, which led directly to solutions for a number of oversights from the initial configuration and plan. In many cases, it was often their solutions that meant we could continue with a particular installation stage. In fact, their diligence, knowledge and experience meant a number of installation stages were finished early. This supplied additional time to customise aspects to better suit departments requirements of the new system. Not only would I highly recommend Nova Biomedical, I’d go as far as saying they were vital
to the successful installation of our system.

Edwin Wynands , Team Leader
Allan Williams, Biomedical Technician
Clinical Engineering
Northland District Health Board
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