Hospitals or medical facilities have a lot of medical equipment at their disposal. This medical equipment cannot be just bought anywhere but comes directly from the manufacturers. Nova Biomedical Australia is a company, which sells this equipment. They sell top of the range and state of the art medical equipment for all your hospital’s needs.

The Nova Biomedical Australia also provides medical equipment repairs and maintenance services. They even sell medical equipment parts if you need them. This is essential because some equipment has unique parts, which cannot be replaced with any other. Medical equipment comes in various shapes, sizes and appearance. It is also categorized into different types since hospitals have departments with different requirements.

Laboratory Equipment

This equipment is used in a laboratory. It is basically used for blood testing, urine testing, stool testing and other requirements. The usual function of this equipment is to determine any irregularity in the human body. Nova Biomedical sells a large array of this type of medical equipment and replacement parts.

Diagnostic Equipment

Diagnostic equipment usually involves medical imaging procedures. The X-ray is one prominent example of a piece of diagnostic equipment and is used for viewing bone irregularities. X-rays can also view any internal organ irregularities like heart enlargement and lung mucus accumulation, among others. PET, CT scanners, MRI and ultrasound equipment are also diagnostic tools. This equipment is usually associated with the use of radiation.

Medical Monitor Equipment

Medical monitor equipment helps medical staff monitor a patient’s physical condition, and can determine their state of health. The heart monitor is a common example of medical monitoring equipment. These heart monitors are the ones that give off that familiar beeping sound which indicates that a heart is functioning and they also have a screen which indicates this visually. Some examples of medical monitoring equipment include ECG, EGG and blood pressure monitoring equipment.

Therapeutic Equipment

Therapeutic equipment can involve the use of lasers in their operation. It can also have a medical laser function similar to that used for LASIK eye surgery.

Life Support Equipment

Life support equipment does as its name says, which is to support a human life if it is in danger. This usually involves patients who have critical internal complications or massive loss of blood. Some examples of this life support equipment include dialysis machines, heart support machines, lung support machines, medical ventilators; there are many more.

If you need to buy any of this medical equipment then Nova Biomedical Australia is a company to seek out for a professional consultation. Nova Biomedical is open for consultation and orders, and if you need any advice don’t hesitate; give them a call for all your medical equipment needs.

You can reach our friendly team of support specialists by simply calling 1300 723 900 to order your new medical equipment.