Comweld Oxygen Flowmeter 15LPM

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  • Provides an accuracy of +/- 5% (of full scale reading) and
    is pressure compensated to ensure that the flowmeter
    maintains its accuracy independent of varying gas supply
  • Flow limiting output orifice and fail safe shroud protects
    the patient from excessive flows in the event of excessive
    gas pressures
  • Dual taper needle valve prevents damage to the seat and
    eventual leaks
  • Gas specific inlet fitting to prevent connection to wrong
    gas type
  • Colour coded inlet fittings, outlet fittings, and control
    knobs for quick recognition of the gas used by the
  • Incorporates durable impact resistant polycarbonate outer
    and metering tubes
  • The flowtube design provides clear readability with large
    bold print lines and numbers providing 180˚ visibility
  • Weighs approximately 300 grams


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