Daily, doctors, nurses, and clinic staff move around hospitals, resolving health problems. Being cured of an illness requires highly skilled doctors; not only that, they need to have the safest and most reliable medical equipment. Medical equipment from the smallest to the most highly technological is used by medical practices today. Medical equipment from Nova Biomedical in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are available from the simplest to the most complex.

Nova Biomedical Australia is a company, which is generous with information; so let us give you some insights into the types of medical and hospital equipment most commonly used in hospitals.

  • Therapeutic Equipment: this is hospital equipment that is used for patients who have undergone surgery and other types of medical treatment. This medical equipment includes infusion pumps, medical lasers and LASIK surgical machines.
  • Diagnostic Equipment: this is hospital equipment that helps doctors to detect and diagnose diseases. Some of the commonly used diagnostic equipment are CT scanners, Ultra sound and MRI.
  • Life support equipment is medical equipment that is used to support a malfunctioning organ in a patient. Examples of these machines are extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machines, heart-lung machines, medical ventilators, and dialysis machines.

It is known that, by and large, medical equipment and devices are intricate but repairable systems. In the advent of the failure of repairable systems, they can be restored to a reasonable level of performance. Medical equipment undergoes several types of test or inspection during their service life. These tests are the Acceptance test, the Operational Check, and safety and performance evaluation.

Unexpected situations happen all the time. If there comes a point where equipment needs to be repaired, Nova Biomedical’s onsite medical equipment or hospital equipment repair services can be purchased. This type of service is delivered for any emergency repair. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are the locations where Nova Biomedical technicians will be from. Onsite repair is just one of the various services that we offer for your convenience.

Onsite repair by Nova Biomedical is a service that delivers incomparable results which accord with the highest standards of the World Health Organization. Our goal is to introduce biomedical technological innovations. When you use our services you will not need to have your equipment repeatedly repaired for we focus on the quality of our work, to save money, effort and time.

Let us share information about preventive maintenance for medical equipment with you to save your equipment from having to be repaired too many times. It is essential to keep medical equipment in good operating condition. Preventive maintenance, like repetitive and consistent routine cleaning, testing, calibrating and checking, and, if needed, replacement, will help keep the equipment in optimal working order. Cleanliness around the equipment will reduce the risk of infection and, at the same time, keep it sterile. Contact our friendly team now on 1300 723 900.